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05 December 2011

The Manila Machine in LA

In case you noticed, I'm on a YouTube viewing spree.  It's really amazing to see the amount and variety of content in there.  Well, this fascination with YouTube is not just coincidence actually.  I have been trying to learn how to play the ukulele these past few weeks and the online videos are really helping out a lot.  There is one interesting fact I noticed while in this ukulele adventure: there are indeed lots of Filipinos in Hawaii!

While on a ukulele break, I came across this video of a food truck in Los Angeles (USA), and I felt it was so appropriate to share it with you after my commentary in my previous post (the music video) on why our yummy food is not as popular as our other Asian counterparts.
Looks like a "food revolution" is in the works after all.  I posted about Tapa Boy some time back and thought it's the only one in existence in the Land of the Free. And yet here's another Filipino food truck: The Manila Machine!  LA is one lucky city to have two Filipino food trucks!

Bring on the adobo! And the lumpia! And the lechon!

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