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08 June 2011

Tapa Boy: Filipino food on Filipino Time

I just came across this in the internet and thought how cool it is for LA to have a Filipino breakfast food truck!

Reminds me of lunches in Makati where there are strategically-parked food jeepneys which offer fast, cheap, and yummy lunch and merienda (snack) fair.  You have to stand by the jeep while eating your lunch, but that doesn't faze people from lining up.  Aside from being loads cheaper than the nearby restaurants and fast food shops, they give variety to an otherwise boring lunch.  Besides, with only an hour to spare for lunch, we'd rather be able to grab a quick bite, then have a siesta afterwards, something you cannot do in fastfood shops where falling in line takes as long at eating your meal.

Some of these have become popular amongst their customers for their specialty.  On a particular day, one food jeepney would serve up the most delicious lumpiang shanghai (spring rolls).  It is so popular that we have to phone them ahead of time (for the privileged few!) to reserve because it gets gobbled up minutes after they open for lunch!  And then when we want laing, we go to another jeep.  If pork chop is the order of the day, then we go to another.  Still, a different jeep serves a wide assortment of mid-afternoon snacks (pancit, guinataan, mais con hielo).  Those were the days... you can't get hungry in Makati!

Whoops here I am daydreaming again.  Now where was I?  Ah, yes:  Tapa Boy.  Serving a wide assortment of silogs, turon, and juice drinks in LA., California.  But unlike Makati's food jeepneys, this one travels around!  I imagine being able to order a Filipino dish, and speaking in our language while making the order is half the adventure (much like we are now able to shop in our own Filipino store here!), because I hear their food tastes great.  So visit their website to learn where their next stop is!

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