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03 May 2009

How to make salted eggs

We were in the supermarket one time when my wife bought a big plastic bag of salt. Confused, I informed her that we still have salt, and shouldn't we be getting the iodized version? Nope, she said. She was making salted eggs. Then we headed off for the eggs section.

Making salted eggs is quite simple, as I learned later on. It's the waiting that... well, takes time. My wife's magic number for keeping the eggs submerged in the salty solution is 27 days.

Here is what you need for making salted eggs:
1 glass jar
lots of salt

First, make sure that the jar will accommodate all the eggs. And while you're at it, fill the jar with water so you'll know just how much is needed (and add a bit more just to be sure).

Boil the water on a pot. We need to supersaturate this water with salt, meaning let it accept all the salt it can dissolve until it can no longer do so. While the water is boiling, add the salt in increments (perhaps 1/4 cup at a time) and stir between intervals. When you see that the salt is no longer getting dissolved, then you have reached supersaturation point. Remove salty water from fire and let cool.

The cooling process will set some of the salt to re-crystallize. Don't worry about it.

Finally, pour the cooled salty water into the jar with the eggs in it. The salty water is more dense, and the eggs will float, so make sure that all the eggs are submerged by perhaps weighing it down with clean cloth on top, or fill the jar to overflowing (as we did). With nothing else to do with the re-crystallized salt, we decided to add it on to jar also.

On the 28th day, place the salty water and eggs into a pot and boil for 10 minutes on an open pot. To minimize the risk of the eggs breaking, make sure that the pot is not so big as to have the eggs rolling and bumping into each other as the water boils. Then submerge in cold water to stop the cooking process.

And voila. Salted eggs! Preserved and ready for enjoyment with fresh tomatoes! Our batch will be ready by May 10 which is incidentally Mother's Day so my wife is saying that will be our feast for the occasion. She has a wonderful sense of humor, doesn't she? :-)

What to do next?  Make a salted egg salad!

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