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16 February 2015

Mum's Night off

Innuendos aside, this ad is actually clever and likeable.

I'll be checking out the Mum's Night Off website and see what I can cook up - which might include something for beer night!

14 January 2015

To grow a tree, you first need to plant a seed

A friend gave us some avocadoes November of last year, and as is usual practice we would throw away the inedible parts (ie skin and seeds). However in this instance I had a flash of inspiration and decided to try and give the 3 seeds (or, in this case, pits) a second chance.  So I googled for the best way to get the plant going and pierced the pit with three toothpicks to suspend it on glass with its pointy end submerged in water.

07 January 2015

Boodle fight

'We're going to have a boodle fight,' my friends said as a matter of factly while they busied themselves with covering the dining table with banana leaves.  There was also a lot of activity in the kitchen, so I knew food was involved.  Was there going to be a food fight?  Close, but not quite.

15 December 2014

Philadelphia mini cheesecakes

Just saw this on my Facebook wall, and it looks easy to make.

More cheesecake recipes at the Kraft website.
(this is not a paid endorsement!)

20 November 2014

Crispy Pork Belly

I came across this recipe from Annabel Langbein's website and I can just imagine how mouth-watering this recipe can be!  And to top it all, it just needs seasoning, pork, and milk!  I tried this recipe one Saturday night when we had friends over.  I was only able to get a morsel for my taste test and placed the rest on the table.  I never got to have a bite again - they made short work of it!