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15 December 2014

Philadelphia mini cheesecakes

Just saw this on my Facebook wall, and it looks easy to make.

More cheesecake recipes at the Kraft website.
(this is not a paid endorsement!)

20 November 2014

Crispy Pork Belly

I came across this recipe from Annabel Langbein's website and I can just imagine how mouth-watering this recipe can be!  And to top it all, it just needs seasoning, pork, and milk!  I tried this recipe one Saturday night when we had friends over.  I was only able to get a morsel for my taste test and placed the rest on the table.  I never got to have a bite again - they made short work of it!

27 August 2014

Beef Empanada

The empanada is a hearty snack that's sure to please. With the beef-veggie filling encased in lightly browned pastry, this dish looks time-consuming to make, but my version is, well, easy as pie!

I find making the dough from scratch daunting, so I'm using pre-made pastry sheets instead. That said, the shape of the empanada are not the traditional half-circle, but rather triangles or rectangles as I do not want wasteage.  Also, the veggie filling comes from the pre-cut, frozen pack. That's a substantial part of preparation time cut down, and the best part is, the result tastes just as amazing (tested on friends and kids!).

One comment made by a friend was that we can add some hard boiled eggs too, but I'm keeping to the recipe I used below.  You can add hard boiled eggs to the filling if you wish.

The yield is 18-20 pieces empanada easily.  But we just used 4 pieces pastry sheets so we came up with 16 (4 per sheet) - we ate the leftover filling with rice :-).

29 April 2014

Fishballs in sweet and sour sauce

This is a different take on the simple street food we know as fishballs.  It is usually fried, and then dipped in sauce as it is eaten.  In this instance we cook the fishballs with the sauce.  This results in a more flavourful dish.  Best of all, you avoid double-dipping!

22 April 2014

Breakfast Pizza

I got this idea from the Food in a Minute book I borrowed from the Library.  The ingredients are readily available from the supermarket, but you can also substitute for variety!

I made this for our two breakfasts over Easter Sunday and Monday and it's a certified hit.  Even my baby daughter loves it!  One pizza is good for 2 adults; make 2 to share (and maximize use of oven)!  The ingredients listed below are for 2 pizzas.