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26 October 2010

Kawaii food decor

The Japanese are famously known for their cute (kawaii) creations, with fun pastel colours and characters that beg to be bought and collected. Plus they have these mecha which I am a huge fan of. That's what was in my mind when I saw this new shop along Cuba Mall called Japan City here in Wellington. It isn't very difficult to spot, as their display window was brightly festooned with paper lanterns and flowers. There is also such a store which I frequent in Manila that sells nice but inexpensive stuff (I actually bought a couple of small Gundam figures there which look really good yet unobtrusive on your office desk) so I was thinking they might have those here.

Nope, they didn't have those small toy boxes. But what interested me though, is the abundance of stuff that you use to fill your bento box! There are egg moulds which leave imprints on hard-boiled eggs, shape cutters for placing nori stars and such on your rice, and there are also moulds to use with rice!

For this visit, I bought a couple of decorative figures which you stick to food. One packet had animal shapes, while in the other packet were playful additions to cutout veggies, fruits, and meatballs.  Each packet costs $3.45.

Get some if you have a similar shop in your area.  It's bound to make eating lunch fun for your kids!

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