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21 October 2010


After having a hearty lunch at a friend's house, this was placed on the table in a tub of ice cream. 'Ooooh, guinataan!' I exclaimed. 'Nope, secret!' said Cacay, who made this dessert. Puzzled, I took some in a bowl and took my first bite. It was wonderful. Different textures and tastes happening instantaneously: a crunch, then something soft, then something sweet, and then sour. It was intriguing. We couldn't stop eating. 'It's Ambrosia', Cacay finally revealed. It was a hit with both grownups and kids!

She had a taste of Ambrosia from another party, and loving this dessert she asked for the recipe. This is a more elaborate version than the 'traditional' Ambrosia (which I am also getting the recipe for and post here, hopefully soon).

Strawberry yoghurt, 1 medium tub
Marshmallows (small ones, or cut into two if using the 'roast by the campfire' variety)
Berries (blueberries, mulberries, strawberries, whatever is in season - frozen berries will also work)
Pineapple lumps (traditional New Zealand lolly: pineapple chunks coated with chocolate. I think chocolate coated wafers (Kit Kat or similar) will also work for that extra crunch. Break pineapple lumps or wafers into bite-size pieces)
Chocolate flakes, crushed

Mix marshmallows, pineapple lumps (or wafers), berries in a bowl.
Pour strawberry yoghurt and mix gently.
Whip cream until nice and fluffy then fold into mixture.
Fold chocolate flakes into mixture.

Chill and serve.

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  1. Mouth-watering! eto ba yung Ambrosia na food of the Gods sa mythology? Sarap i-try nito.

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