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31 October 2010

Halloween party Filipino-style

This weekend had been quite a busy couple of days. Last Saturday, we had a Merienda Fiesta - themed party which started at 3PM and ended at 9. That's a looong merienda session! On such an occasion my Nanay would usually cook suman and we'd light up candles around the house (to guide the ghosts roaming around at this time). The Merienda Fiesta kept the food tradition alive for me, but we had to forego the lighting of candles because the Wellington winds is cause for concern for sources of fire of any sort. After prayers for our dear departed, we promptly enjoyed the food and the company.

And while we played around with costumes which are inherently not our tradition, the food was certainly very Filipino!

Guinataang mais (corn and glutinous rice in coconut milk) - I haven't had this for the longest time and it made me jump with delight to see this on the table!  Thanks Cacay!

Champorado (chocolate rice porridge) - I loooove Champorado; I attacked this right after guinataang mais.  When we were packing up after the party I asked Cacay if I could take some home.  I had it for breakfast this morning.  Jo-Lo, who was busy playing at the party and did not care much about what's fed him at that stage, enjoyed the champorado too.  Too bad we only had a small tub to share!

Bico (rice cake) - my wife's recipe.  Never fails to impress.

Palitaw (rice flour -based dessert) - we consumed loads of this back in high school.  Still a favourite.

Turon (banana rolls) - Saba (banana plantain) rolled in sugar, wrapped in lumpia wrapper, and deep fried.  Made special with langka (jackfruit) slices included.  Reminds me of summer holidays in the province!

Tinette's popular cinnamon!  I've heard about how yummy her cinnamon recipe is, and I finally had some at the party.  Excellent!

Calamares (fried calamari) - I love this, especially with beer!

We had a truly awesome time. 80s music, great company, excellent food!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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