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09 November 2008

The Raisin Bread mystery

A couple of Christmases ago, I received a gift from a colleague the day before I was going home to Baguio for the holidays. It was bread rolled in colored plastic and tied with a festive ribbon. Being a perishable item, I unwrapped it upon reaching the apartment to try it out.

Ooooh! It was the most delicious raisin bread I ever tasted! The sweetness is just right, the bread soft and tender, and the raisins were so abundant, they were falling off the bread!

It was sooo good that I decided to save some to bring to my wife in Baguio. And when I saw her the following morning, I immediately gave her share and prodded her to give it a bite. She agreed with me. It was great bread indeed.

I thought to ask my colleague where he bought the bread but the holiday activities took up most of our time, and the inquiry was postponed, til it was time for me to get back to work.

Guess where the bread can be bought from. The Baguio Country Club. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. The raisin bread made a round trip to Manila and back to Baguio!

I have been buying their raisin bread whenever we get a chance to visit the Baguio Country Club ever since, as pasalubong and for personal consumption. They have maintained the same yummy raisin bread I first tasted a couple of years ago. Half a loaf costs P59 plus tax and a whole loaf (shown here) costs P105 plus tax. Believe me, it's worth every cent.

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  1. LOL! Well, at least you didn't miss the raisin bread while in Manila. ;-)

  2. Dyosa: that's one way of looking at it. hehe

  3. I love their raisin bread! pag nagpupunta si ma ng baguio lagi sioyang nag-uuwi nyan. usually 4 nung malalalki. isang upuan ko palang halos half na ang ubos. lol

  4. i love this too! we never miss to order lots of this during xmas.. or whenever we'd go to BCC ;D so yummy!