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12 November 2008

Eggs Incredible!

These are eggs sold here in New Zealand. Notice something different about them?

There are also white eggs here, but it's not a common sight.

Eggs though, are one of the things we see almost everyday that we take it as an ordinary food items. But it was eggciting to learn that eggs actually have a thin protective coating outside the shell which protects the inside from contaminants and that washing the egg dramatically reduces its shelf life. And that the shell is porous (this we learned actually in grade school through an osmosis experiment). And that there are actually "veins" that help the yolk stay suspended in the white matter.

So where can you get these nifty facts, and grab a couple of free smashing egg recipe books?

At the Home of the Incredible Edible Egg, that's where! Get tips on how to cook the nicest omelette, how to poach, boil, scramble, sunny side-up, and mix up the egg with other ingredients to make a snazzy dish!

And download the cookbooks for free!

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