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05 November 2008

Sunburst Chicken

Sunburst Chicken is a restaurant found only in the Visayas and Mindanao region of the Philippines. Like many food shops, it established its specialty in chicken. But it offers a lot more than fast food fare; you actually have a selection of good Filipino dishes here.

A couple of my favorites: beef ampalaya and lumpiang shanghai!

The fried chicken is the basic coated chicken recipe, and so are the other items in the menu. So what exactly makes Sunburst chicken unique? Well, they have this utterly irresistible but cholesterol-laden item in the menu. Guess what it is.

It's fried chicken skin! Nothing but glorious chicken skin with vinegar dip!

Imagine that chicharon-like morsel dipped in vinegar and crunching repeatedly in your mouth. Sooo good!

Yes, I know the cholesterol adverse effects of this gastronomic delight but I simply have to get one more... just one final bite.... simply irresistible.

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