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02 August 2010

Simple yet tasty Buco Pandan

My wife made Buco Pandan last week with only 4 ingredients.  It came out really good (don't trust my word for it, the guests also said so).  And this was her first time to make Buco Pandan!  I'd say this is the simplest yet yummy Buco Pandan recipe ever.

If fresh ingredients are not available, a quick trip to the Asian Store should do the trick.

1 plastic / 454g Shredded young coconut (buco), thawed
1 box pandan-favoured gulaman (gelatin)
200ml condensed milk (half of the can in picture)
200ml cream

Cook gulaman as per package instructions. When it has set, cut into cubes.

Mix the condensed milk and cream in a bowl.
Then add the shredded buco and mix.
Finally, add the gulaman cubes and mix gently.
Serve chilled. Enjoy!

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