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23 September 2015

Leo Fernandez makes it to Masterchef NZ Top 3

Let's zoom along, shall we?  In this 2-part episode in Dubai, the 4 contestants duke it out in the open dessert (that's part 1) where the boys won the round.
Seriously, I cannot imagine how it is like to cook out in the dessert with the grill and frying pan on high.  Especially for Kiwis, who are accustomed to the cool climate.

On part 2, they headed off to the Dubai Marina to replicate a three-course dish at chef Gary Rhodes' restaurant.

It was a pretty tight contest, with each contestant getting at least one great review with their dish.  I have listed the ones for Leo below, complete with screenshots! (literally, I took shots of the show from the TV with my camera)

Entree: Smoked Haddock with Welsh Rarebit & Tomato Salad

"It's a stunner, isn't it?"
"It looks beautiful"
"I thought it was a more complete dish, certainly with the oil, pepper and the salt, and the seasoning"
Get the recipe on TV3.co.nz

Main: Grilled Welsh Lamb Cutlets Sesame Cabbage and Ginger with Spicy Oriental Sauce

"He left the fat cap on there, which is a bit dissappointing"
"I think it's cooked beautifully.  It's a little bit wet (referring to the cabbage), I like a bit of caramelisation."
"Quite a bit of chilli sauce, quite a lot of raisins, you know, in the cabbage, doesn't feel as tight as it should be."
It's not 100% correct but he did get some of the spices coming through there which helped the dish"
"It's just a bit too sweet."
Get the recipe on TV3.co.nz

Dessert: Marshmallow Meringue with Creme Anglaise

"It's a lovely dessert."
Get the recipe on TV3.co.nz

And it was back on the boat, with judges' comments for Leo below:

"Leo, from our point of view, your entree was the best by far."
"Visually, it was restaurant quality.  It was spot on."
"Your main, the sweetness... was just a bit overpowering there, and you left the fat cap on the lamb."
"Your dessert, though, was lovely. Great anglaise, and great presentation."

It was a toss-up between Leo and Glenda, and in the end, winning the challenge in part 1 gave Leo the advantage.

Next weekend, it's the Semi-final, followed right after with the Finals!

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