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29 April 2014

Fishballs in sweet and sour sauce

This is a different take on the simple street food we know as fishballs.  It is usually fried, and then dipped in sauce as it is eaten.  In this instance we cook the fishballs with the sauce.  This results in a more flavourful dish.  Best of all, you avoid double-dipping!

Fishballs, sliced into 2 (the fishballs here look similar to squid balls)
sesame seeds
sweet and sour sauce
cooking oil
chilli flakes (optional)

Heat up some cooking oil on a frying pan, then cook the fishballs, mixing occasionally, until lightly browned.
Toss some sesame seeds and mix for a minute.
Finally, pour in the sweet and sour sauce and mix.  Warning: the sauce will spatter.  Just pour in enough sauce to coat the fishballs.  Toss in some chilli flakes if desired.

Serve immediately.  Great with beer!


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