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16 July 2013

Whittaker's L&P Chocolate bar

Whittaker's and L&P are two well-loved, homegrown products here in New Zealand. Whittaker's is a chocolate company, while L&P is a soda manufacturer (now under Coca Cola).  If you were putting together a list of things to bring as pasalubong to the Philippines, then these two should be in there as they are the quintessential icons.

I personally like both products.  On weekends when fizzy drinks become part of dinner get-togethers, I prefer buying L&P over the dizzying variety of drinks available in the supermarket.  Same with chocolates (though I'm not really a chocolate guy, but it's a close fight between Whittake's and Cadbury).

Now these two products have combined to bring us ... an L&P flavoured Whittaker's chocolate bar!  To be honest, I am not sure how this will taste like, so I am just as curious as the rest of the populace.  The new chocolate will hit stores starting Wednesday (that's tomorrow!) according to the Whittaker's Facebook page, so it's only one more sleep til we get to try this out!

Actually, the launch of this product came with a bit of controversial marketing gimmick. Yesterday, an L&P van "crashed" into Paeroa's iconic giant L&P bottle.  It caused a bit of stir, especially since the police knew nothing about it and concerned citizens phoned in to report the incident.  Well, the stunt got the people talking, which I guess is the desired effect (my blog included)!

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