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29 July 2013

New cooking show: Sachie's Kitchen

I love Japanese Food, and friends from Manila can attest to my gargantuan appetite when it comes to soba, sashimi, sushi, teriyaki, onigiri, and all manner of wonderful cooking (even attempting raw sea urchin at one stage!)

So imagine my delight at this announcement of a Japanese Cooking show on Prime!

The show is on Fridays at 9:05pm right after Nigellisima (starring no other than Nigella).  Sachie's Kitchen is hosted by Japan-born Sachie Nomura and is based in New Zealand for over 10 years now.  The show switches back and forth between scenes in Japan and her kitchen in Parnell (Auckland).  It was a bit confusing at first, with Sachie roaming around Japan's streets and savouring street in one scene, and then she would be entering a New World Supermarket (here in NZ) and shopping for her ingredients in the next.  But we got used to it soon enough.

We found Sachie san to be a wonderful host.  So bubbly and animated!  Her instructions are clear and easy to follow.  Sachie demonstrated how to make Japanese pancakes, buns (siopao!) and dumplings.  My wife found it interesting too and we will find ourselves shopping for Japanese ingredients soon enough!

We are looking forward to watching more of this series.  I am also happy to note that this show is internet friendly!  Meaning the recipes and show information can be found online.  Just head over to Sachie's Kitchen at the Prime Channel website for details.  You can also follow the show on Facebook.

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