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24 July 2013

Fast food trip in the Philippines

Making this post made my hungry!  We had so much fun eating out during our Philippines vacation a couple of months back that I couldn't believe how much I missed it.  Eating fastfood-style was the norm when I worked in Manila.  Because it's so affordable we could do it everyday, be it the local Jollijeep, or one of the many fastfood shops that abound.

Here is a collection of photos I was able to quickly put together; I had to stop because I have to take a break and have a midnight snack!

Eating at Mang Inasal was in our to-do-list when we visited the Philippines a couple of months back.  We definitely enjoyed our meal back in 2010 and were looking forward to this.  I guess business is good because we found another branch near University of Baguio!

yummy chicken!

dinuguan at puto

Jo-Lo enjoying his barbecue

We could not believe our eyes when we saw our bill.  It was only P252, or less than NZ$9.00!

So we ordered more dessert!

And of course Jollibee was in the list too.  I could not recall how many times we visited; we certainly had many meals in different branches.  Jo-Lo couldn't get enough of the chicken!  We also bought our breakfast there every day, the entire time we were in Manila.

this photo was taken in Baguio

this one's in Manila.  breakfast time!

And this is a Jollibee store in the province of Laguna

We also liked going to Chowking.  I especially love their buchi.  And rice toppings.  And noodles.  And halo-halo.

Aaargh.  Gotta go.  I have to raid the ref now!

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