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03 August 2012


Been quite busy lately so I haven't found time to blog yet.  But I have been recently uploading photos to my Flickr account (for backup - I've always worried that my old photos would disappear as soon as the portable hard disk fails, and I found it cumbersome to save on DVD discs.  Why didn't I think about getting a Flickr Pro account before!), and I saw some pictures from 7 years ago that made me reminisce my time back in the Philippines...

Dinengdeng with inihaw na bangus... a couple of my favourites!  My Nanay makes the best dinengdeng!

There's this section in the Baguio City market where you can get all the ingredients you need to make Guinataan... a one-stop shop if you will.  My eldest sister loved making treats for us in the afternoons when we were kids... I guess she still loves doing it now.

And here I was making suman...
with my Nanay...
and my wife.
And if you're from Baguio, you'll know what this is!  Streamline cake, the cake we had for our birthdays when there were still no Red Ribbon or Goldiluck's or other bakeshops in the city other than U Need.
... those were the days... I'll post other photos if I come across other interesting ones.

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