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22 July 2012

Weekend Market at Johnsonville

About a year ago, there was rumour of a weekend market being planned at the mall's parking area.  We excitedly waited for news of this actually happening, but it never did.  Having a weekend market at Johnsonville was, I believe, a viable activity because of its accessibility from the neighbouring regions (Newlands, Churton Park, Paparangi, etc).  And who wouldn't want fresh veggies and fruits at a competitive price?

So when our friend Cory advised us last weekend that a fruit and veggies market was opening at Johnsonville School, we were a bit skeptic.  But a couple of hours later she said she's just been there and there were lots of goods on offer at really good prices.  We could not go at that time however on account of the weather, but winter has been kind today and so we were able to visit this morning.

It's a quick drive from our home (we decided to go there at 8, so there's relatively no traffic, and we were assured of easy parking).  A couple of other cars parked as we started walking.  We greeted each other good morning and it was easy to know we were all going to the same place as we carried reusable bags.

There were only a few people up and about so we finished up less than half an hour later.  There are lots of veggies on offer and are very attractively priced.    Aside from the veggies and fruits, one vendor sold farm fresh eggs, while another sold soya bean products (we bought a tub of taho).

The market looks promising, and I hope people will patronize it so it will flourish.  It's good to have a weekend market of our own, and we do not have to travel to Tawa, Porirua, Waitangi Park in the CBD, or in Lower Hutt to get that weekend market vibe.  I hope though that we can see more variety in the goods (such as cooked food, fresh seafood, meat, and some entertainment from buskers perhaps?)  offered in the future.  Thanks Johnsonville School for this weekend market!

Daikon is not sold in the supermarkets.  It's good to know I can get it here!  It's always mentioned in Japanese cookbooks and have wondered if it's sold here at all.

The Weekend Market is open on Sundays, 7:00AM - 3:00PM

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