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28 August 2012

How to save over-whipped cream

Whenever a recipe calls for whipped cream, I just do it manually.  It isn't really that difficult.  I can even multitask (listen to music / watch TV) while doing it.  Plus there's no risk of over-whipping the cream.  Well, my wife just recently bought a new hand mixer in the occasion that we do not have the luxury of time.  So last weekend, I thought I'd give the mixer a try just to familiarise myself with its settings.

Ah the marvel of machines!  It's so easy to whip cream now!  So easy in fact.... that I overwhipped the cream!

We were thinking of adding some water to thin it out a bit, but I decided to check the internet for a viable solution first (lest adding water may not be a good idea).  Good thing we saw a simple solution from A Balanced Kitchen: add a bit of cold milk!
So we added a bit of fresh, cold milk, folded it into the whipped cream, then added a bit more.  It was working!

And then we remembered that we were actually going to add condensed milk to the recipe anyways, so we decided to add that in at this stage, as we were now confident that the cream and milk will not go to waste.

Voila.  Overwhipped cream salvaged.
Thanks Mindy of A Balanced Kitchen!


  1. how much milk though? ive added a cap full but that isnt doing anything. Thankss

  2. Hi Laura. Just keep adding a bit at a time while folding after each time. Repeat until you reach the desired consistency.