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06 January 2012

CNNGo's 50 Foods That Define The Philippines

Maida Pineda, whose Filipino food article appears at CNNGo, successfully listed down an appetizingly comprehensive list of culinary delight which we simply love to much on!  And of course adobo is at the top of the list!

Visit the CNNGo website to read more

It is rather unavoidable (and I know you are expecting it, as I am sure you have your own preferences too) that I have dishes in mind that I feel should be included as well.  So let's make it a top 60, shall we? :-D

1.  Atchara (pickeld papaya) - perfect for cleansing the palette
2.  Bicol Express - I'm not fond of very spicy food, but sometimes I am able to find a mild version of Bicol Express and I just love it.
3.  While Bibingka (and puto as paired off with dinuguan) made it to the list, I would have included our other kakanin, for we have loads of them: sapin-sapin, patupat, kutsinta, bico, suman, puto bumbong, and loads more yummy treats.
4.  Paksiw!
5.  Dinengdeng - veggies in fish paste.  Yummy!
6. Nilaga - homey, comfort food.  Especially good on rainy days
7. Guinataan - happy childhood summers spent making guinataan with my siblings
8. Bopis - my parents would cook this whenever I visit because I love this dish so much.  The preparation is time-consuming as one has to finely chop all ingredients but the end result is all worth it.
9. Embutido - Filipino-style steamed meatloaf with a Spanish influence.  I can't get enough of this dish.  I must simply learn how to make this.
10. Not really food per se but an integral part of our culinary heritage nonetheless.  Our local alcoholic beverage!  Tuba from sugar cane and lambanog from coconut!

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