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30 December 2011

It's a wrap!

Have you ever been caught unawares in this festive season when you find yourself suddenly at a loss on what to have for lunch, expecting that the ref can produce something from yesterday's feast but you yearn for something different?

That's exactly what we felt a couple of lunches ago.  We did not feel like cooking or reheating.  So we decided on a quick fix: a lunch wrap!  Good thing we had some tortilla wraps ready to go, which we then heated up on the frying pan.

We had some bacon left over from breakfast, and we love bacon so we took those out along with some shaved ham.  And then we chopped some carrots and cucumber (tomatoes would have been lovely too!), grabbed some lettuce and armed with ketchup and mayo, we set off to "work".

My son Jo-Lo loves cheese so that went into his wrap too.

I added a bit of fried rice in mine!

And that's lunch sorted.  Oh, this is also perfect for your office lunch.  Just make sure that you pack separately your veggies, tortilla wrap, and also the sauces.  This is to avoid having a soggy wrap.  I just love the sweetness of fresh produce (cucumber, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes) in wraps.  Make sure you have those.

Only barely two days left to go before 2012 arrives.  It makes the title of this post rather fitting, doesn't it?

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