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30 November 2011

Filipino Food music video

This music video was released October of last year, but still gets airtime.  Over 967,000 views the last time I checked.  It's a parody of Katy Perry's California Gurls.

Nothing comes close to adobo... nothing comes close to eating halo-halo.  So why is Filipino food not as popular as our Asian counterparts'?  The general theory is that Filipinos do not really patronize Filipino restaurants because these cater to tourists, and recipes are tweaked slightly to such a purpose.  In a sense this is true.  You would never see me in Kamayan, for example, unless we are entertaining somebody from abroad.  Or if there's a birthday party, although you can count with one hand the number of times I have been to a Filipino restaurant for a birthday party.  The other reasoning behind this is, why eat in a Filipino restaurant when you can cook up a much better version at home?  So Filipino food is like our own little delightful secret, which others get an occasional taste of.  In school fairs here in Wellington for example, where spring rolls, pancit, and barbecue are always popular.  This video celebrates our love of fun, and our love of food!  Not happy about the Aji-no-moto though...

1 comment:

  1. Nakakahiya mang sabihin, memorize ko ang lyrics ng parody na 'yan. It's because I've seen it a hundred times already! LOL