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24 January 2011

Suha (Pomelo)

Because of the lengths I went through to buy suha (going back to the market numerous times and searching high and low), this one deserves a post all its own.

I thought that suha (also called Pomelo) is supposed to be in season, but it seems to be a rare sight.

The Suha is a tropical fruit that is sweet with bit of sour taste. One thing I love about the juicy suha is that it's compartmentalized: you can get sections of it without mess. And then you can pick off either small pieces or take a whole bunch of the juicy pulp. It's a truly wonderfully-packaged fruit!

I remember many years ago, Gin Pomelo even became all the rage. To make this, simply add one round bottle of Ginebra Gin with two sachets of Pomelo powdered juice drink. Add ice cubes, then mix. I've had some Gin Pomelo weekends in my time... but I digress.

To open the suha, remove the protective outer covering, taking care not to bruise the fruit therein or else it will become sour (at least, that's what they say).

Then try to cut off most of the white covering (obviously we did not do a good enough job of it in our excitement because the juicy pulp was cut in areas). Remove enough of the core that will enable you to pry open the fruit.

Enjoy!  Some people like a sprinkle of salt if it is still on the sour side.

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  1. Your photo is mouth watering! Suha here can be as much as $3.99 each. When it goes down to $1.99 that's when I take advantage and take my fill. I think the ones we get here are from South America.