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27 January 2011

Philippine mangoes: the best mangoes ever

I missed our mangoes so much.  The mangoes that we get in Wellington are imported, but are of a different variety.  It's just not as bright and sweet as ours.  Even our green mangoes has its own distinct sour taste that goes very well with fish sauce.  Yum!

Just look at those heart-shaped goodies.  I made it a point to have as much ripe mangoes as I can have, enough hopefully to last me til our next vacation back. They're perfect for dessert.

The green mangoes have found a place with the kids as a popular street food.  Sliced into bite-sized pieces and placed in plastic pouches, these are ready to be sprinkled with salt or fish sauce.  Mango halves are also skewered and dipped in vinegar, ready for munching on the go.

These mangoes are the smaller variety (called Indian Mango) which is in abundance during summer.

I had some when Jo-Lo visited the sari-sari store.  Yummy!

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  1. Philippine mangoes are my favorite fruits ever!!! The mangoes here in Melbourne aren't good. I bought a mango shake once and expected the sweetness of Phil. mangoes, but it turned out to be sour. Ek!

  2. Marikoy: dapat bagoong kasama nung shake :-)