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21 September 2010

Orange Jelly

Jo-Lo actually brought this from school. At first I was ignoring it, thinking it was just another one of those fruit slices that made it to Jo-Lo's baon and made the return trip back home (hindi kinain). But right after dinner they started spooning out... gelatin!

I was amazed. What a delightful way to serve gelatin for dessert!

I already had some thoughts about how it was done but a friend, who is an Early Childhood Education teacher, told me how it was made. Very simple and fun!

Orange-flavoured gelatin
3 medium oranges (or approximate how many orange halves can be filled by your gelatin mix)

All you have to do is slice the orange in half, then use a juicer to extract the juice (do not squeeze). Spoon out the pulp and you're left with two hollow orange halves.

Use the fresh orange juice supplemented by water to satisfy the amount of water needed to make the gelatin. Obviously you will need to use the orange-flavoured variety. Follow the instructions on the packet to make the gelatin.

The gelatin will be very hot so let it stand for a while. Then pour the gelatin on the orange halves. When sufficiently cooled, refrigerate, making sure that it has support and not roll all over the place (egg cartons or ice cub containers will do nicely).

When the gelatin has firmed, slice each orange half into two. Now you have the orange gelatin quarters to enjoy!

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