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27 July 2009

Lumpiang Shanghai dip

A number of lumpiang shanghai preparations have come from our kitchen ever since we experimented with using wanton wrapper (and we have switched back to lumpia wrapper ever since). But I haven't discussed making a simple sauce to accompany the lumpiang shanghai. This is almost always the preferred dip for it, coupled with ketchup as an alternative for those who prefer a sweeter taste (so I'm talking banana ketchup here).

This dip is very easy to make. All you need is vinegar (preferrably white), some whole peppercorns, some garlic (crushed and chopped), a couple of pinches of salt, sugar, and some chopped spring onion (only if you have this). Combine all these together, tasting it and adding more sugar to "balance" the sweet and the sour.

The dip we have is in a bottle because we prepared a batch of our special lumpiang shanghai to bring to a birthday party, where it is customary to bring some food with you to share (sorta like a potluck party). I also cooked banana muffins, made more special by topping these with raisins.

This is my first plate consisting of rice, our lumpiang shanghai, a bigger version of lumpiang shanghai, giniling, fried chicken, and binagoongan! This was all that can fit on my plate, so I have to go for seconds, then thirds, etc etc. and so on and so forth. I forgot my diet again on that day!

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