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01 August 2008

Sweet street food from Camiguin

As we alighted the rented jeepney we rented for the day at Camiguin Island, I saw this stand which was selling this crunchy, lumpia-wrapper-like thing that resembled a huge plate. Wanting to try something local, I bought one. Can't remember anymore how much it costs... but when it was taken from the covered display stand, the vendor started squirting sweet, chocolatey stuff on it in a whirl, then handed it to me. I snapped off a small portion and nibbled on it. Crunchy and sweet!

Having consumed it a few minutes later, we went off happily to the waterfalls.


  1. What I like from Camiguin is their Pastillas. Ang sweet ng filling.

    BTW, I added you to my blogroll.

  2. Chef Queer: Oh yes! How come I forgot about that? The bread with the sweet filling! What was that again? I should post about it too. Ah, the pastel!

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! Will reciprocate.

  3. @ WATSON: i think you're referring to "pastel?" :D

  4. Dodong: parang chippy na hindi maalat :-)

    cookies: that's right! thanks!

  5. Ah! that thin disc like delicacy is called "Kiping". We were at Katibawasan Falls and they were selling it at the entrance. It's made of cassava and latik.