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04 August 2008

Corned beef the way I like it

Sometimes the simplest way of cooking can yield the most wonderful meals. Like corned beef, for example. I like mine dry, and potatoes give it an extra texture. My father actually likes his corned beef raw!

So how does my wife cook corned beef? Easy.

Skin a couple of potatoes and slice into wedges (or chips! or sticks!). Get one head of onion, remove skin and chop. Heat a small amount of cooking oil onto the frying pan. Fry onion until quite translucent. That's only for a short while; I don't like burnt onions either. Slide-in the potato wedges and fry til cooked but still firm. Next, add the corned beef. After just a couple of minutes, serve!

Now, wasn't that quick and easy?

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  1. Yan breakfast mga bata kanina kaya lang sila mas gusto nila may sabaw, may potato rin ako maggisa pero may kamatis naman ako. As usual ubos lagi pag corned beef ang ulam nila.

  2. Ann: May kamatis yung corned beef? I have never had one like that :-). Ako rin, napaparami ng kain pag corned beef ang ulam. Hwag lang araw-arawin ha. hehe

  3. Corned beef! I like mine with lots of onions and shredded cabbage! :)