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04 August 2008

Corned beef the way I like it

Sometimes the simplest way of cooking can yield the most wonderful meals. Like corned beef, for example. I like mine dry, and potatoes give it an extra texture. My father actually likes his corned beef raw!

So how does my wife cook corned beef? Easy.

Skin a couple of potatoes and slice into wedges (or chips! or sticks!). Get one head of onion, remove skin and chop. Heat a small amount of cooking oil onto the frying pan. Fry onion until quite translucent. That's only for a short while; I don't like burnt onions either. Slide-in the potato wedges and fry til cooked but still firm. Next, add the corned beef. After just a couple of minutes, serve!

Now, wasn't that quick and easy?

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