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29 May 2008

Rice served the way I want it

When we were on vacation in Cagayan de Oro last March, their presentation of rice had the most profound impact on me. They serve their rice in woven palm leaves! I like the presentation because the leaves lend a certain aroma to the rice. It also looks like my favorite patupat, a form of rice cake in Dagupan whereby glutinous rice is cooked in a similar way, then dipped in a sugary syrup and cooked further.

It's good to know that certain customs are still practiced in our country inspite of the hustle-bustle of city life.


  1. We call it "puso" in Cebuano Bisaya. This is an example of the ingenuity of our ancestors: this way the food (rice) is made portable and safe from insects, convenient to eat when needed - even while on the go.
    In the public markets in Cebu, you can ask for "puso". They are conveniently hanging in the carenderias.

  2. Rudy: that's right! I heard them call it "puso". It's a really attractive yet efficient way of storing rice. I wish we had that in the North.