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27 May 2008

Bistek (Filipino beef steak)

Bistek is the Filipino version of beef steak. It consists of small strips of beef with onion rings. Bistek is one of the easier meals to prepare, but to have really tasty beef, it needs to be marinaded (is there such a word?) overnight. I like the white onion rings to be uncooked and crunchy, but the regular (and more flavorful) variety will also do nicely. My Nanay usually adds it before turning off the stove, so it gets cooked somewhat as well.

half a kilo beef, cleaned thoroughly and sliced thinly
garlic, chopped
onion, chopped (or sliced into rings if desired for the white variety).
bell pepper, seeds removed and roughly chopped
soy sauce
calamansi, around 5 medium pieces
cooking oil

Place sliced beef in a bowl. Pour soy sauce and submerge beef. Slice calamansi and squeeze juice onto mixture. Remove the seeds and mix well. Cover and leave overnight.

In a pan, heat up some cooking oil over medium flame. Saute garlic til light brown.
Add the beef and fry, mixing occasionally. At some point, the beef's juices will dry up and the oil will have virtually disappeared. Add the bell pepper, and mix. After some time (about 30 seconds to a minute will do), pour the marinade onto the beef. Cover and simmer. Add seasoning if desired.

Lastly, place the onions on top and mix. Or don't mix, depending on your onion preference. Serve and enjoy! This post got me hungry... time for dinner!

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  1. "Marinated" =D I also learned making it taste quickly by mashing it with hands....for about 20 minutes, that is if you don't have overnight to prepare...Great recipe though, ill try thanks!

  2. Oh wow, I love beef steak. First time kong maka-encounter ng recipe na may bell peppers. :D

  3. mirage2g: wow 20 minutes non-stop ba? Medyo nakakangawit yata yun :-)

    Toni: Sarap nung bell pepper... lalo na kapag fresh! Malutong sya.