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02 April 2008

How to de-vein a shrimp

We cooked some shrimps last Holy Week, and the recipe called for de-veining these succulent things. Emily was around to help out with the de-veining and was glad to do a demonstration!

Remove the shrimp's shell to get to the meat.
Slice through the spine, creating a shallow cut from end to end.
You will see a sort of black string exposed by the cut. Pull this out, also from end to end.
Voila! You get a de-veined shrimp. This makes the shrimp cleaner for consumption. An added bonus: the cut makes the shrimp puff out when fried, making it look even yummier.

While browsing through my photos, I chanced upon these shots which my wife took while I was helping out with the guinataan. Thought I'd just post it here for posterity :-).

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