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04 April 2008

Chicken dip with a bite

We were out in a chicken restaurant last weekend, and we usually love our fried chicken with ketchup. For me, it's sweet banana ketchup; I've never been fond of tomato ketchup, although I will take that when there are no options.

Well, here's a nice way to spice-up your ketchup dip as provided by friend Janice.

Place ketchup onto bowl.
Add a small amount of worcesterchire sauce.
Add a few drops of hot sauce, depending on your preference.
Mix three ingredients together.

And you get a spicy, tangy, delicious dip for your crispy fried chicken!

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  1. I love mixing banana catsup with worcestershire sauce especially when I'm at Max's!

  2. Di ko pa yan natatry, masubok nga minsan.

  3. Toni: Uy oo nga! Ginagawa rin namin yan sa Max's! Sila ba ang may-ari ng Jufran? Kasi yun lang ang brand talaga na ginagamit nila...

    Ann: Masarap sya... may variety from the plain ketchup.

  4. Toni's right, That's also my favorite dip recipe at Max's. As for the banana catsup, I like it with McDo's chicken. Too bad, they dont serve banana catsup anymore.

  5. What's in Manila: thanks for dropping by my blog! I thought McDo will give you banana ketchup in sachet if you ask for it... wala na rin?