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02 July 2013

Inihaw na Liempo (grilled pork belly)

I had this during our vacation in the Philippines a couple of months back.  I totally enjoyed our lunch, and while I know that the fat is not good for the health, I could not resist munching through the melting fat, the crunchy skin, and the moist meat.  Simply mouth-watering!

Of course, grilled liempo is also a popular item in summer outings, especially by the beach!  And with this yummy dish, beer can't also be far behind.

I asked my Nanay what she was using as marinade.  She was not very specific on the quantities, but from what I surmised, here are the ingredients for the marinade.  We had 1 kg of pork liempo.

1/4 cup calamansi juice
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup banana ketchup
half a head of garlic, crushed
salt and pepper to taste

First, rub the pork pieces with salt and pepper.
Then simply combine all the other ingredients in a bowl, and then add the pork liempo.  Leave to marinate for at least an hour.


Chop into bite-size pieces.
Serve with a soy sauce and calamansi dip.  Enjoy!

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