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03 April 2013

Herby Beef Stir Fry

We had some surprise guests last night, and they were the kind of guests we like because they cooked us dinner!  Pinkee proceeded to describe this beef recipe that they cooked recently and they loved it so much they were making some for us.  She was right, it was a lovely dish.

They did not have a name for the dish though, and let's face it: "surprise" and "delight" is overused.  So I gave it a name: "herby beef stir fry" which I thought up only a few minutes ago!

1/2 kg beef rump
some mint leaves
some marjoram
some thyme
light soy sauce
cooking oil
ground pepper

Cut the beef into strips.

Cut the herbs into small pieces
Marinate the beef with some light soy sauce, ground pepper and herbs mixed in for about 15 minutes.

Heat up about 4 tbsp cooking oil with the same amount of butter over medium-high heat.
Add the marinated beef pieces, turning when it changes colour, about a couple of minutes per side.

Lower the heat to medium then mix the beef pieces until you get the desired doneness (we did not like seeing blood with the beef pieces so we had it well done)

Serve immediately.

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