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09 November 2012

Fun fruit salad 2

So I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to "improve" on this fruit salad with agar cubes.  Well, I had the chance to do so last weekend.  There were good points and bad points with my "experiment", and here they are in case you want to try this out:
  • My wife was right.  Alsa Gulaman is indeed a tougher gelatin than Gregg's so use this (available from the Filipino store) if you want to add colour to the dish.  However, note that one pack of Alsa (90g box) gives only half the yield of the almond flavoured agar.  On the other hand, that quantity is actually just right.
  • See the pink sauce in the above photo?  I added some berry-flavoured yoghurt into the mix.  It didn't turn out right so don't do it.  Same goes with cream.
  • I made this dish a couple of hours before serving.  Guess what.  The dish oozed water!  When I brought it out, the salad was swimming in water!  Good thing I was able to salvage it by transferring it to a colander and placing the lot onto a bigger bowl.  Therefore, combine the agar, gelatin, and fruit salad (layer by layer) moments before serving.


  1. Looks so yummy! I did not see any plant base gulaman here in Dubai, everything is meat base... not the same consistency as agar based.

    But the photo looks so yummy!!!