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04 October 2012

Wellington Night Market

If you find yourself wandering the city streets on a Friday night looking for something different to do, head over to Cuba Street at the Left Bank for scrumptious treats and entertainment.

We have visited the place some time ago, and the place definitely has a charm all its own.  Food stalls line the alleyway, each offering something different.  A courtyard of sorts comes alive with performers while friends sit and enjoy their treats.  Once you're done with your food, you can always roam around and try something else!

Jo-Lo and the other kids love these Bavarian Style Wieners.

We also tried this tower cake thingy which was yum, and hot choco which reminded me of chocolate de batirol back home!  There's even someone selling Filipino sausages; too bad we weren't able to have some of that (we were already stuffed when we spotted it)...

There's even a bookshop and a discount store open!

The Wellington Night market is on from 5PM til 11PM.  Visit their website to learn more.

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