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22 October 2012

Philippine mangoes in town!

I thought I have to go on vacation in the Philippines in order to savour our heart-shaped, scrumptious, sweet mangoes.  It does make me wonder why our mangoes are not being imported here.  Bananas and pineapples are in regular stock, but not mangoes.  Sure, there are imported mangoes from elsewhere, but they're just not the same.

So imagine my surprise when I saw one on our table when I came back from work one night!  My wife excitedly told me that she bought it from the local fruits and veggies store.  She got excited when she saw it herself, and did not want to miss an opportunity to have a taste (it's been a couple of years since we've had one) so she determinedly took one to the cashier.  She did grimace a bit at the price - a whopping $3.99 for one piece (it's about PhP120.00!) but it was well worth it.

Even our baby daughter loved it!

If you are craving for ripe Philippine mangoes, try dropping by the local Fruit and Veggies store in Johnsonville.  Now I'm crossing my fingers for those crunchy, sour green mangoes too!