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01 May 2012

Manila listed in CNN Go's Greatest Street Food Cities

For a country that loves to eat, having something to chew on at most street corners is a welcome respite from the busy urban life.  I too have found myself on the street for many an occasion, be it for fishballs or pares, or a yummy lunch in one of the Jollijeeps which provide affordable meals in Makati.

So it comes as no surprise that CNN Go included Manila as one of the Greatest Street Food Cities.  What got featured?  Chicharon, Taho, Balut, Kwek Kwek, Silog, Isaw, Kikiam, Sago't Gulaman, Banana cue, Fishballs.

I could not believe though that Sago't Gulaman made it to the list when Halo-halo did not.  Halo-halo is a more iconic street food because it heralds the coming of summer as enterprising households put up makeshift stalls to sell halo-halo.  It's part of practically everyone's childhood summer memories.

And also rice cakes... I love love love rice cakes.  These may as well qualify as street food because these are sold in the streets on Sundays after mass.  I guess it's not as prolific in Manila though because of the temperature but we usually get loads of variety in the market in Baguio.

This is a top 10 list, and the other cities that made it are: Penang, Taipei, Bangkok, Fukuoka, Hanoi, Singapore, Seoul, Xi'an, Phnom Penh.

Read the CNN Go article

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