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16 February 2012

Fine Dining - a film by Lance Katigbak

I think Somebody up there is trying to tell me something.

This morning I came across this quote from Sidney Snoeck's Facebook wall:
The happiest people don't worry too much about whether life is fair or not, they just get on with it.
- Andrew Matthews
This made me stop for a while and ponder on what it means for me.  And then later in the afternoon I saw this video from Tito Rolly's feed.

Again it made me stop and I felt a certain sadness overcome me.  This scene felt very familiar.


  1. Very touching short film. Even though life isn't always kind and fair, it still needs to be appreciated. Nakakalungkot yung film pero inspiring at the same time.

  2. this video made me cry. showed it to my dad and he thought i was showing it to him becauase i wanted him to cook. hahahaha! :)

    nice blog you have!

    - iya

  3. @dyosa - that it was
    @iya - salamat po! So did your dad cook you a meal? :-)