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17 October 2011


Yema is a custard-type candy, usually wrapped in coloured cellophane.  I like it when yema forms a thin crust which you crunch into, and the inside is still soft and chewy.  Another way of presenting yema is by forming this into balls and coated with a sweet caramel.

I had a craving for yema one weekend and decided to make some.  Fortunately, I had the recipe handy, thanks to a food magazine I brought with me from the Philippines.  However, the recipe called for an unusual amount of egg yolks (over 20! alarm bells went off in my head).  I then decided to search the internet for a more suitable recipe.  I did find one, but it was a disaster.  Inspite of asking for only 10 egg yolks, the result looked like scrambled egg!  Disappointing.  And I know I followed the instructions to the letter.

I have shelved this craving for the moment, but will attempt again at a later time.  I found this YouTube video of a yema recipe which does not involve egg yolks.  I am curious to try this one, because it looks like it's a segment from a TV show in the 80s which my Nanay loved watching, with pen and paper on hand.  I am posting this here for future reference.

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