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28 September 2011

Hello, halo-halo!

Well, what do you know... our favourite summer treat made it to CNN!  In the Philippines, summer is welcomed with makeshift stalls selling halo-halo, which literally means "mix-mix".  It's because that's what you exactly do with it.  Various sweetened produce (bananas, sweet potatoes, beans, coconut strings, gelatin are piled at the base of the tall glass (or a bowl), then crushed ice is packed on top of it, followed by a good pouring of milk and with leche flan and/or ice cream to top it off.  Then mix-mix-mix it all up with your spoon!

I'm truly delighted that halo-halo made it to CNN's Eatocracy (photo credit to this site too).  We acquired an ice crusher specifically for making halo-halo in the summer, which is December here.  I hope they also discover the many rice cakes we have.

If you'd like to make some of this wonderful treat too, there's a recipe here in adobongblog!

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