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05 August 2011

Wellington on a Plate's Top Nosh for Less Dosh challenge

Can you get a meal for two for only $10.00 in Wellington?  On an ordinary day, don't count on it.  Why, even a Happy Meal from McDonald's costs a little under $6!  But we are in Wellington on a Plate mode now, and that changes things a bit.  One challenge from this event is to cook a meal for 2 for less than $10.  Doable?  Four chefs think so and have stepped up to the task: Mark Limacher from Ortega Fish Shack, David Thurlow from Cafe Polo, John Allred from Osteria del Toro, and Andy Potts from The General Practitioner.  Top Nosh for Less Dosh!

Read more about this story at The Dominion Post and get the free recipe, Babas Spicy Chicken Drums as a treat!

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