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15 July 2011

Cathedral Jelly Dessert 2

I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted the Cathedral Jelly Dessert to be devoid of white and only have colours all around... so that's exactly what I did last weekend.  It was a pure gelatin dessert.  The colours were a mishmash of red, green and blue and was a bit psychedelic.  It was also sweet.  Too sweet for me, unfortunately (suddenly I preferred the one with milk in it!) but I'm sure kids in a party would have a kick out of this huge gelatin dessert!

Three packs flavoured gelatin (I used the primary colours - red, green, blue)
Two packs unflavoured, colourless gelatin

Prepare the three coloured jellies as per instruction.  When set, dice these up.

Combine the two colourless gelatine packs and prepare as per instructions.  When it has cooled, pour a third into the mould/dish, then drop a number of the coloured jellies around.  Pour a bit of the colourless gelatin to cover the gaps, then add some more coloured blocks.  Repeat this process until you have used up all the jellies.

Refrigerate until set.  Prepare for one humongous jelly dessert!  Sugar ruuuush!!!

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