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25 July 2011

'Anyone for Filipino?' Esquire Magazine article

The August Issue of Esquire Magazine UK Edition will feature an article by Tom Parker Bowles (British Food Editor and Writer, stepson of Charles, Prince of Wales) featuring Filipino food as he made his way around Manila with a side trip to Pampanga.

All hail to the sisig, adobo, and sinigang!  I wish he was presented with a better version of dinuguan, and with puto for a more authentic experience.  His bravery in the face of the reputation of the balut is also a noteworthy story in itself!

The article itself has made its way into scribd so head on there if you want to have a read.  Ivan Henares was on hand as a guide, and blogged about the experience.   The scribd file is courtesy of another guide, Ivan Man Dy and his company Old Manila Walks.

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