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15 April 2011

Fast Food Fix

While vacationing in the Philippines, a number of tasks in my to-do-list were to visit my favourite fast food haunts. Working in the IT industry in Makati meant long working hours which did not allow much time for cooking at home. And so fast food restaurants were our best friends.

One thing that surprised me though was that I did not order, nor tasted Chickenjoy or Chicken Mcdo (which I favoured over the former). I was looking forward to ordering these, but when we were in those shops, I would settle for something else. Strange.

Without further ado, here are some photos of my Fast Food trips!

I love Quickly.  Every time I spot one I try to order something different.  I just love everything they have on their list.

Jo-Lo also found their drinks cool, refreshing, and yummy!

I've been craving for Wendy's Iced Tea so I got one the minute I had the chance!  It's quite sad that their Baguio branch quit, so I had to get my fix at Makati.

World Chicken in Glorietta, Makati.  I love all their menu items.  But when I am pressed for time (in short, really hungry!) I simply go for my usual: macaroni salad, pasta, and barbecue sauce over my chicken. Yummmmm!

No time to hit Chinatown as originally intended.  So we went to Chowking instead.  No complains there!  I love their siopao.

And what's a trip to Chowking without Halo-halo for desert?  And some black gulaman on the side!  We had these in Baguio, so we felt quite chilly after the meal.  That did not stop us from gobbling up everything though.

I'm so happy that Jo-Lo loved going to these food trips too, and broaden his vocabulary from just McDonald's, Burger King, and KFC!

Sadly, I could not find my Tokyo Tokyo photos.  But I love their beef misono and red iced tea!