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29 April 2011


We were at my sister's house for lunch that day. It was quite the reunion; Jo-Lo's cousins were there to play with. Not that they're the same age as he is, in fact he's the youngest of the lot by 5 years.

Good thing his nephew and niece were around. It's a closer age gap.  Quite amusing though to see uncle and nephew playing around!  The sound of laughter was wafting through the windows; we decided to have a look.

Jo-Lo was enjoying a packet of bukayo with his nephew. I could not help but smile. That sweet treat of my childhood is now being enjoyed by my son. It's pure sugary goodness though so I'm not sure if there's a health benefit in there.  But Jo-Lo does not particularly like eating sweets and to find him enjoying this was quite a revelation.  There's definitely a giddy Pinoy kid in him regardless of his accent.

They're having the one with peanuts in it. The other variety, the one with coconut strings, is also a good one.  I had my fair share of bukayo in my time.

They spent many an hour tossing a ball around, and then they took to riding this toy scooter down the road. Good old outdoorsy fun!


  1. Oh I love bukayo! I just purchased a couple on the way home from Laguna in a stall by the highway!

  2. Giannina: inggit ako. Would love to have some now.