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11 March 2011

Cucinino: great things come in small packages

We once asked my good friend Leo if he knew of any good place in the city to have an occasional snack.  Without second thoughts he recommended Cucinino, a pasta stand near his Kurio shop.  It's value for money, he said.  Their food is surprisingly good!

And so we found ourselves on one of their tables eagerly awaiting for our order.  Cucinino occupies a food stand in the middle of the alleyway at the third floor of Porta Vaga mall in Baguio City.  We were surprised at how affordable their food is, Leo is spot-on in that respect.  But what about the taste?

Well, here's Jo-Lo who is quite picky about his food, happily munching away!

We absolutely love the dishes we ordered.  Each is full of flavour, and the serving is quite generous.  It is truly a gem of a pasta - panini - salad shop!

Unfortunately I have not been paying attention to the name of our orders... this must be the pasta of the day.  At only P70.00!  The raspberry juice, also an excellent choice, is P20.00.

I tried Triple Treat (P82.00!) so I can have a go at three pasta dishes in one sitting.  Oh wow.  It was pasta heaven.  I had honey mint ice (P25.00) for my drink, which I absolutely love.

This is the Pomodoro (P60.00!) which my wife ordered and happily consumed.

We loved the place so much that later in the day we went back for round 2!  This time around Leo joined us.  We ordered more pasta; I wish we ordered Panini this time around but we were so happy with the pasta that we automatically went for these.  We realized it is a popular place too because we were happily chatting away when we saw that a number of their customers are standing about, waiting for vacant chairs to materialize.  Thanks to the staff for not shooing us away  because we unintentionally lingered too long :-)  Oh, I should have ordered more!

Kudos to Cucinino for that wonderful pasta - panini - salad place. Looking forward to coming back when we have our Philippines vacation again!

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