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04 March 2011


Part of our food agenda while in Manila in the Philippines was to visit our favourite dining place: Amici di Don Bosco located at Don Bosco in Makati. It has a homey cafeteria feel and a family-oriented atmosphere. Plus, the food is top-notch! It's such a delight to dine on their pasta and pizza, then choose from a huge assortment of gelato for dessert!

When we left the Philippines last 2008, changes were already underway for this restaurant as a result of acquisition (so I heard). The first thing to change was the name: it's been shortened to Amici. Cosmetic changes were not yet being done when we had our last lunch in Makati.

Fast forward to the final days of our vacation a couple of months ago. The place has been spruced up. The table arrangement has been changed considerably (there are still some "picnic tables" for crowds though), and so is the overall colour scheme. The menu, once printed on recycled paper (which gives the place a rustic feel), now has a menu book akin to Shakey's and Pizza Hut's. The gelato section now has a name of its own too: caramia. And they have expanded their product line to cakes as well.

But we did not come here for the decor. On to the menu! Is the food still as good as it was before?

We knew the serving was actually good enough to be shared by two, so for the three of us, we ordered one pizza and one pasta dish in anticipation of gelato for dessert.

This is the veggie pizza....

...and this is the seafood pasta (sorry, can't remember their proper names anymore)

Servings were hefty, and we felt that there will be leftovers to bring home because Jo-Lo is quite picky with his food... but not this time! He totally enjoyed his pizza and pasta.

And so we surprised ourselves indeed when we were able to finish off the meal! They haven't lost their touch... the food was magnifico!

There's the oven where they bake their pizza

And at the other end of the dining area is the gelato!

So many flavours to choose from...

But Jo-Lo knew immediately what he wanted... cookies and cream!

We actually had to rest for some minutes before proceeding to the dessert... it was quite a heavy and satisfying lunch.

The staff are still as accommodating and cheerful as ever. And the current ambience, though looking more formal and utilitarian now, is brighter and comfortable. I loved going there, the new look is ok, and I look forward to my next trip to Amici!

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