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24 February 2011

The Great Sunday Bake-off

(Message from Andrew Leighton)

I'm organizing an event for Wellington people to show their support to the people of Christchurch , in wake of the events that occurred yesterday.

I'm proposing to the people of Wellington to participate in 'The Great Sunday Bake Off', this Sunday 27th of February. This is where people all around the Wellington region can bake their favourite treat. On Monday the 28th of February from 7am to 9am, people can drop their baking off down at the Civic Square in Wellington for collection. From there a friend and I will take all the supplied baking and travel down to Christchurch, that day, to deliver to the people in need. These people are the ones who may have been displaced, have lost a love one or still remain in shock and are extremely frightened.

The objective of the baking you may ask. 'baking', as my nana always said, 'brings a smile to people's faces!' If we can do that for the people of Christchurch then I think we've made a difference.

I just need a little favour... make this go viral, so start telling friends and family! We need heaps and heaps of baking!

Check-out the website:


If you can do some baking and even donate some supplies that would be great too!

Thanks for your help.

Kindest Regards,
Andrew Leighton

1 comment:

  1. I'm from Christchurch and escaped on the 1st flight out Wednesday, and currently in Wellington with family. I am ready to cook up a storm tomorrow for this event. A big thank you for organising it. I know it will be appreciated by everyone. Thanks. GMR