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15 October 2010

Bico for merienda

Bico is a traditional Filipino rice cake made with glutinous rice (also called sticky rice) and sweet topping. My wife has actually been cooking bico here at home for a number of times now, as it has become quite a popular treat at gatherings but in place of the brown topping she uses coconut strings instead. I thought I have placed that recipe here, but I could not locate it so I'll dig up some photos to publish here.

This bico was made by a friend and we were among the lucky few who received a share. This is one also has a twist to it: there's langka (jackfruit) pieces in it! This is my first time to taste langka with bico and I quite like it! The topping's sweetness is also just right. I love it.

Nope, no recipe for this one (sorry) but I'll put up the one my wife makes soon.


  1. Gosh, another kakanin with langka! I have to get some langka next time I'm at the store. I was supposed to put some with the cassava cake I cooked but I didn't have any. So repeat ulit yung cassava cake and also biko with langka :)

  2. We went to the Asian store last weekend to get some grate cassava, out of stock raw. In a month's time pa darating :-(

  3. OOOOO!! Langka! Have never seen langka in Bico. I will have to see if I can find some, not a lot of Pinoy stores in Utah; and if there is kind of expensive.